The Maison Bouvier hotel, Les Suites du Névada, is above all the know-how of a savoyard chef : A warm welcome, pampering and amazement  at all times.
The story…
Catherine and Jean-Michel Bouvier have seen the hotel raising from the ground. Back in 2008, MGM, the property developer carried out this 4* project, Les Suites du Névada, with now one more star (the first 5 star hotel in Tignes). Jean-Michel Bouvier is then in charge of all the catering : breakfasts, the gastro La Table en Montagne and the Whitney Bar, its amazing wine cellar and finger food finger-food to savour until late at night !
Food for thoughts…
6 years later, Catherine and Jean-Michel buy Les Suites du Névada; it becomes la Maison Bouvier. The gastronomic address then becomes a true mountain family hotel where it is a delight to stay, with more than 30 bedrooms, suites and apartment. Catherine Bouvier, a true interior decoration enthusiast and professional, cultivates there the mountain spirit in a simple fashion. She redecorates one by one all the bedrooms with taste, refinement, carefully blending local crafts and contemporary art.
We find the chef’s cuisine at La Table en Montagne, the Whitney Bar, but also at the Grande Motte glacier, at the Panoramic, where Jean-Michel Bouvier does his magic at an altitude of more than 3000 metres.


Situated at the heart of ‘hip’ Tignes Val Claret (2100 metres), La Table en Montagne restaurant is a truly peaceful spot where life is good and the food is good! Here, ‘Table’ has a capital T; it’s the hub around which people get together and share a fantastic meal, just like at home.

Inside the restaurant, service is discreet and orchestrated in a simple manner. Each person takes it in turns to help themselves to the dishes set out in the middle of the table. The meat and fish is cooked on hot stone tiles; it is brought to the table and carved in front of you while the vegetables, served in hot casserole dishes are still simmering… When the dessert arrives you’ll delight in cutting your own slice from the celebrated ‘Gateau de Savoie’ (traditional sponge cake) placed whole on the table! Treat yourself to another piece, if there’s any left that is…

Contemporary yet natural, the elegant interior has been designed in a mountain style giving the room a welcoming atmosphere. Comprising a hundred or so place settings, wood is king in this space where nature surrounds and colours sparkle. A commitment to regional traditions is evident in even the smallest of details; for example every meal is accompanied by the Savoyard’s essential tool, the Opinel knife. This is in fact a very useful addition as the bread is placed whole on the table for you to cut yourself!

As for the cuisine, the chef’s Savoyard roots clearly dictate the recipes. His appetite and culinary inspiration have been simmering nicely for the last 25 years and Jean-Michel Bouvier cooks the type of food that he enjoys eating himself. It is simple yet generous, natural and authentic. He puts his whole character into the mix, to bring out the best from the ingredients he uses.


Cosy, chic and hip, the Whitney Bar is a contemporary alpine bar where one can sample carefully selected wines whilst indulging in sweet and savoury specialities created by Jean-Michel Bouvier from regional produce. Local appetisers washed down with Savoyard wine – it’s positively reviving!

Nestled within the Maison Bouvier hotel in Tignes, the Whitney Bar is a unique place to enjoy great food and spend time relaxing with friends. It is the perfect location for an afternoon snack, for après-ski or an early-evening drink before dining in the adjoining Table en Montagne restaurant or before setting out to enjoy some of the famous evening entertainment Tignes Val Claret has to offer. It is impossible to resist curling up on the soft sofas in front of the immense log fire. Made entirely of metal, the fire place is an architectural creation designed by René Broissand, the sculptor from Annecy.

AT 3032 M

Welcome to the Panoramic at 3032 metres altitude on the Grande Motte glacier in Tignes. It was in this unique high-mountain playground that, to the delight of food lovers, Jean-Michel Bouvier set up his restaurant in the autumn of 2011. Each day, the chef concocts a lunch special to be savoured whilst soaking up the breathtaking 360° panoramic view. Accessible on skis or on foot (via the funicular), it is the legendary spot in the Tignes – Val d’Isère Espace Killy ski area. Ski suit required!

With 3 different timings and 3 different options, there is something for everyone:
- the "food-to-go" for a quick snack on the go when you come out of the funicular.
- the gourmet restaurant for gastronomic enthusiasts.
- the "Cantine des Bouvier" restaurant for a simple lunch made with european spririt.

Wearing their traditional Savoyard berets, members of staff give you a warm welcome in each of the different areas of the restaurant. You will leave feeling on top form, ready to race down the pistes.

LÀ-HAUT(up there)

You don’t want to leave? Have to say, mountains suit you so well… To offer or keep for yourself a piece of the summits, it is all the way up there that we invite you to join us:

Là-haut, is the mountain decoration shopimagined by Catherine Bouvier. Located at 3032 meter high, it becomes the highest craft shop in Europe!

If Jean-Michel Bouvier is a mountain cuisine specialist, his wife Catherine is passionate about mountain craft and style. With her expert eye, she has managed to travel up and down the region to unearth the best craftsmen and creators to gather the most intriguing pieces in a small boutique pith a shape of an ice cube, a kind of Aladdin’s cave judiciously located in the middle of the restaurant, the Panoramic.

A very good idea say the clients of the restaurant who often asked Catherine where the bean bags in a shape of a tree trunk, the animal skins or the beautiful square cloth are coming from which she had decorated the restaurant with.
Catherine has chosen objects with pronounced mountaineer style imagined by local craftsmen who work with wool, wood, metal, terracotta, wax, stone…one can therefore find blankets from the famous woollen mill Arpin, Opinel knives, pottery from Aix les Bains, sculptures from lac d'Annecy, traditional jewels like the cross of Savoy. And of course the little paté pots specially made by the chef.

Là-haut : a pure mountain spirit… a concentrate of local creations, an ode to the Alps.



Reservation by phone. 0033 (0)4 79 01 11 43

Opening times
Winter: every day and evening.
Summer: every evening.


Everyday during winter and summer from 4pm to 1am.

Maison Bouvier
Tignes Val Claret (top)
73320 Tignes - Savoie


HOTEL Les Suites du Névada

Maison Bouvier
Tignes Val Claret (top)
73320 Tignes - Savoie

Phone. 0033 (0)4 79 41 68 30

Information and reservation on:


Reservation by telephone: 0033 (0)4 79 06 47 21
Winter: open every day from 12 to 2.30pm.
Closed during the summer.

La Cantine des Bouvier restaurant:
Opening on October, 3rd 2015!
Winter: open every day from 11.45am to 3pm
Closed during the summer.

Food-to-go snack-bar:
Summer: open every day from 11am to 4pm
Winter: open every day from 11am to 3pm

Shop Là-Haut:
Winter: open every day

On skis via the ski runs.
On foot via the Perce-Neige funicular.
Departure from Tignes Val Claret.

Glacier de la Grande Motte
73320 Tignes - Savoie


Le MENU qui fait grandir
15 €

À composer avec l’enfant
To compose with your child

Poulet fermier ou Steak haché ou Jambon blanc ou Filet de truite
Free range chicken or chicken nuggets or hamburger or boiled ham or whitefish’s filet

Garniture au choix : frites, légumes, tagliatelles
Side dish to choose : French fries, vegetables, tagliatelle pasta

Glace : vanille – framboise - chocolat
Ice cream: vanilla, raspberry, chocolate


The barmaid at the Whitney Bar can offer you a large selection of wines by the glass, in particular the
great wines of the Savoie region, cocktails and spirits and hot or cold drinks.

You can discover here the menu for winter 2016-2017


If you would like to see the chef himself, then this is place to come. In his open kitchen, Jean-Michel Bouvier, inspired by his Savoyard roots, uses local ingredients in a simple style that brings to bear all their natural flavours.

Ah… the aroma of spit-roasted meat fills the room! Go on, put your skis down, relax on one of the fur-covered chairs and taste simple authentic cuisine at its best. Here, the whole loaf of bread is set down in front of you, meats are cooked in their juices and the vegetables are served in piping hot dishes. Make yourself at home and help yourself!

You can discover here the menu for winter 2016-2017

The restaurant is closed during summer, let's meet at the snack!


Panoramic self restaurant is closed during summer time, bit snack stay opened!

Looking for a good hearty meal before heading off to ski the slopes of the glacier but only have half an hour? Well, the self-service restaurant in the Panoramic is ideal. Jean-Michel Bouvier has concocted an array of special dishes using fresh local produce for taste buds in a hurry, all cooked at the
restaurant. Keep your ski gear on and grab a tray!

You serve yourself, it’s fast, the portions are generous, home-made and cooked at altitude. Choose from regional specialities such as ‘gratins’, the dish of the day, the chef’s soup of the day, desserts, and even ‘fromage blanc’ you can create yourself. With room for around 250 people to sit, the huge inside dining area welcomes you with its warm atmosphere and mountain refuge interior styling. Unless, of course, you would prefer the breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks from the terrace…


While you’re waiting for the next cable car up to the Grande Motte glacier, why not grab a finger-food made by Jean-Michel Bouvier. It’s impossible to resist the smell when you come out of the funicular!

Read more
You can of course enjoy the most spectacular 360° panoramic view from the comfort of your deckchair on the XXL terrace.



20 février 2015 Le Panoramic sur
Un beau texte qui décrit l'ambiance du Panoramic, signé Ludovic Bischoff qui a testé "quatre tables secrètes à découvrir à la montagne cet hiver".
Très illustré grâce aux images de nos photographes alpins: Agence Merci, Aurore Valance, Philippe Royer. Merci à eux!
A lire ici.

Février 2015 Jean-Michel Bouvier réalise le "Panier de Chef" de TV8 Mont-Blanc
Un reportage de 26 minutes tourné à La Table en Montagne et au Panoramic, dans lequel Alexis Olivier dresse le portrait de Jean-Michel Bouvier à travers sa cuisine brute.
Et notamment la cuisine au feu de bois, avec l'épaule d'agneau et la polenta crémeuse au Beaufort d'alpage.
A voir en replay ici.

23 février 2014 Vu au JT
Le JT de TF1 diffuse un grand format sur la station de Tignes
Plus de 15 minutes de reportages dédiés à Tignes ont été diffusés dans le JT de 13h de TF1 ce dimanche 23 février.
L'un des sujets était consacré au glacier de la Grande Motte, avec de belles images tournées au Panoramic.
Pour le revoir cliquez ici.

REPLAY aussi sur le JT de 20h de France 2 du 26 décembre 2013: un reportage entièrement consacré aux restaurants d'altitude, avec l'exemple du Panoramic, cliquez ici.

20 to 22 March 2013

World Highest Party in Panoramic

Photos and videos on Facebook!

European Winter X Games: video flash-back on concerts at Le Panoramic
Don’t be surprised if your skis start tapping to the rhythm of blues, rock, electroacoustic and jazz music at the top of the Grande Motte glacier… During the European Winter X Games which took place in Tignes from 14th to 16th March, the terrace of Le Panoramic is a giant dance floor with three days of free concerts with Bozo, DJBenoit and Amandine Anelli.




Have a look at the Panoramic, as if you were there yourself : WEBCAM GRANDE MOTTE
Information for skiers: to access the “Pano” which is located on a high-mountain glacial zone, check the weather forecast during the winter : TIGNES WEATHER



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